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New additions include an online technical reference library for computer programming and hardware applications. New Java additions to follow soon on an interface level. Please send mail to web administration at info@KomarAssociates.com if you have any problems with the site or its connections.

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The Library is going to contain an online version of the KAI Technical Reference Library. Look for our Newsletter in the future for insights into Embedded Systems and Software Engineering trends.

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KAI provides services in the following areas: Residential Integration Consulting and Systems Installation via our Home Control Works and Home Control Consultants divisions - Embedded Systems Software Development - Industrial Control, Monitoring and Test Systems Development - Computer and Network Systems Support Services - WWW Design via PH@T Design. For more detailed information on these topics please reference the Services page.

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We offer a wide variety of commercial and residential AV, Lighting, and Control products via our Home Control Works division. Please consult the Services reference for more information on this.

Send Mail to KAI Feedback
For general inquiries regarding KAI consulting services or systems development please send mail to info@KomarAssociates.com with the appropriate subject specified. Our mailing address and telephone connections can be found on About KAI. Please specify WWW in the subject field for inquiries regarding these pages.

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KAI, Inc. is a computer engineering firm specializing in embedded systems and software systems engineering. We offer comprehensive support services for our hardware and software. Our graphic design team is ready to create your corporate presence on the World Wide Web.

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Check out the KAI Links page containing a wide array of Embedded Systems, Hardware and Computer Engineering references.

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