Technical Reference Library
Title Author Date Publisher Description
680x0 - Programming by Example Stan Kelly-Bootle 1988 Howard W. Sams & Company Assembly language for the 68000, 68010, 68020, and 68030.
A Discipline of Programming Edsger W. Dijkstra 1976 Prentice-Hall The author has the perception that programs could have a compelling and deep logical beauty.
A Guide to the Successful Management of Computer Projects Hamish Donaldson 1978 Wiley The conceptual framework for systems development and the Urwick five-stage approach to problem solving.
AC Power Handbook of Problems and Solutions Deltec Corporation 1975 Deltec Corporation Power considerations: AC power, noise in signal circuits, UPS systems. power line problems, batteries.
Access 1.1 Developer's Guide Roger Jennings 1993 SAMS In-depth coverage of Access Basic programming techniques. [DISK]
Access for Windows Power Programming Susan Perschke, Michael Liczbanski 1993 QUE Advanced Access programming tutorial - database planning, strategy and design, Access BASIC. macros. [DISK]
Advanced C Tips and Techniques Stephen G. Kochan, Patrick H. Wood 1988 Hayden Books Includes a review of the C language, efficiency techniques with arrays and pointers, debugging, memory.
Advanced MS-DOS Programming Ray Duncan 1986 Microsoft Press The Microsoft DOS guide for Assembly language and C programmers.
Advanced Windows Programming Martin Heller 1992 Wiley Advanced programming techniques in Win3. Code examples. function examples, DDE client implimentation. [DISK]
Advanced Windows Programming Martin Heller 1992 Wiley File formats, image processing algorithms, performance tuning tips, handling global memory - in Win3. [DISK]
An Introduction to Database Design Betty Joan Salzberg 1986 Academic Press Design, relational databases, network, hierarchy, physical organization and integrity.
An Introduction to Database Systems - The Systems Programming Series C.J. Date 1976 Addison-Wesley Storage structures, data models, normalization, architecture of an IMS system.
An Introduction to Operating Systems Harvey M. Deitel 1984 Addison-Wesley The fundamental concepts of operating systems covering: UNIX, VAX, CP/M, MVS, and VM.
Assemblers, Compilers and Program Translation Peter Calingaert 1979 Computer Science Press Assmbly, program modules, macro processing, translation, compilation, execution.
Borland C++ 3.1 Programming for Windows Paul Yao 1992 Bantam Computer Books Borland C++ Windows development covering memory management, dynamic linking, menus, GDI, & programming tools.
Borland C++ 4 Object Oriented Programming Ted Faison 1994 SAMS Simplify your programming with C++ polymorphism, impliment OWL classes, building objects. [DISK]
Borland C++ 4.0 Object-Oriented Programming Marco Cantu, Steve Tendon 1994 Borland Press OOP, fundamental language elements, data abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism. [DISK]
Building Custom Software Tools and Libraries Martin Stitt 1993 Wiley How to design and build supporting logic, building libraries of common functions, examples in C, psued. [DISK]
Business Data Communications David A. Stamper 1986 The Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company Introductory study in data communications for computer information systems.
C - A Reference Manual Samual P. Harbison, Guy L. Steele, Jr. 1991 Simon & Schuster The authoritative reference for the C programming language - covering ANSI standard and traditional C.
C Database Development Al Stevens 1991 MIS Press Database fundamentals, designing a database, database management system. [DISK]
C Notes - A Guide to the C Programing Language C.T. Zahn 1979 Yourdon Press A reference manual and tutorial for the high-level programming language C. Structured program design.
C Programmer's Guide to Graphics James W. McCord 1991 SAMS Develop graphics-based applications, mpliment animations, generate code through video BIOS.
C Programmer's Guide to NetBIOS, IPX, and SPX W. David Schwaderer 1992 SAMS NetBIOS with LAN hardware, software, Internet Packet Exchange, Sequence Packet Exchange applications. [DISK]
C Programming Language Brian W. Kernihgan, Dennis M. Ritchie 1988 Prentice Hall Software Series Handbook to ANSI C programming language.
C Programming for MIDI Jim Conger 1988 M&T Publishing C programming with MIDI and the development of music applications including several source applications.
C Quick Reference Alan C. Plantz 1988 QUE C Quick Reference includes essential commands and keywords, important comcepts, & proper programming protocol.
C by Dissection - The Essentials of C Programming Al Kelley & Ira Poh 1992 Benjamin/Cummings Publishing A concise introduction to ANSI C programming techniques.
C++ Inside & Out Bruce Eckel 1993 McGraw-Hill Advanced reference and tutorial of C++ programming language. Covers draft ANSI C++.
C++ Programming Style Tom Cargill 1992 Addison-Wesley Publishing C++ programming: abstractions, consistency, wrappers, operator overloading, efficiency, virtual functions.
C/C++ for Expert Systems David Hu 1989 MIS Press Master the concepts of important program components - expert systems, shells, frames and rules. [DISK]
ClassicalAlgorithms in C++ - With NEW Approachesto Sorting, Searching, and Seection Nicholas Wilt 1995 Wiley A thorough collection of C++ sorting, searcing, and selecting algorithms. [DISK]
Client/Server Computing - All-In-One Reference for Total Systems Development! Patrick Smith 1992 SAMS In-depth analysis of information processing, expert design and procedure tips, building systems development.
Code Complete - A Practical Handbook of Software Construction Steve McConnell 1993 Microsoft Press Narrowing the gap between the software gurus and the commercial programmer.
Compiler Design and Construction Arthur B. Pyster, Ph.D. 1980 Van Nostrand Reinhold Includes: lexical analysis, bootstrapping, syntax directed translation, optimization.
Compiler Design in C Allen I. Holub 1990 Prentice-Hall A comprehensive, new approach to compilers referenced in the C programming language.
Computer Dictionary & Handbook Charles J. Sippl, RogerJ. Sippl 1980 Howard W. Sams and Co. A browsing dictionary of computer terms and operations.
Computer Programming and Architecture - The VAX-11 Henry M. Levy, Richard H. Eckhouse, Jr. 1980 Digital Press A coherant explanation of the VAX-11 - the hardware and the software elements.
Concurrent Programming Alan Burns, Geoff Davies 1993 Addison-Wesley Practical examples in Pascal-FC, language comparisions: ada, occam 2 and CSP, object oriented languages.
Creating Multimedia on Your PC Tom Badgett, Corey Sandler 1994 Wiley How to create real multimedia presentations, artwork and sound with IBM program samples included. [CD-ROM]
Current Practices in Software Development - A Guide to Successful Systems David King 1984 Yourdon Press Summarizes the available tools and tecniques used by organizations today to develop DP systems.
DC Motors, Speed Controls, Servo Systems - Including Optical Encoders Electro-Craft Corporation 1980 Electro-Craft Corporation DC motors and generators, unidirectional speed controls, optical encoders, servo systems.
DOS - The New Complete Reference Kris Jamsa 1991 Mc-Graw-Hill A DOS commands reference - with examples, advanced comcepts, and key terms.
DOS 5: A Developer's Guide Al Williams 1991 M&T Books Covers the applications environment, direct access techniques, graphics fundamentals, TSR programming. [DISK]
DOS Power Tools - Techniques, Tricks, and Utilities Paul Somerson 1991 Bantam Computer Books Covers DOS Versions 2 through 5, updated coverage of commands and memory management for 386/486's. [DISK]
DOS to OS/2 - Conversion, Migration, Application Design Jay Ranade, Angelo Bobak 1991 McGraw-Hill Complete guidelins and techniques to move softare applications from DOS to the OS/2 environment.
Data Types and Structures C.C. Gotlieb, Leo R. Gotlieb 1978 Prentice-Hall Covers the concept of data type, its role in programming languages, and the realization of data structures.
Database Design Gio Wiederhold 1983 Mc-Graw-Hill Covering the tools, approaches, and methodologies of database design.
Decline and Fall of the American Programmer Edward Yourdon 1992 Prentice-Hall How U.S. software organizations can become world-class shops if they exploit the 90's key software tech's.
Designing and Implementing Local Area Networks Dimitris N. Chorafas 1984 Mc-Graw-Hill The benefits of LANs, their environments, architectural issues, system design, protocols, standarization.
Desktop Publishing with WordPerfect for 5.0 and 5.1 Roger C. Parker 1990 Ventana Press Step-by-step examples on how to create: newsletters, brochures, flyers, correspondence, forms, and reports.
Direct Current Motors - Characteristics and Applications Peter Walker 1978 TAB Books A practical guide to unerstanding, designing, using, and servicing DC motors.
Electronic Telephone Projects Anthony J. Caristi 1979 SAMS Basic telephone principles - the telephone company and you. How the telephone works.
Embedded Systems Programming in C and Assembly John Forrest Brown 1994 Van Nostrand Reinhold Access ports and devices, create start-up modules, link and locate code, handle real-time interrupts. [DISK]
Encyclopedia of Computer Science Anthony Ralston, Edwin D. Reilly 1995 International Thomson Computer Press A one-volume reference encyclopedia of Computer Science terms and concepts.
Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Engineering Anthony Ralston, Edwin D. Reilly, Jr. 1983 Van Nostrand Reinhold Company Second edition of computer science reference encyclopedia covering programming, systems, computer concepts.
Extending Turbo C Professional Al Stevens 1989 MIS Press Master powerful programming techniques extending the limits of Turbo C Professional. [DISK]
FORTRAN for Engineering William Schick, Charles J. Merz, Jr. 1972 McGraw-Hill An introduction to the fundamentals of the FORTRAN programming language.
Handbook of Controls and Instrumentation John D. Lenk 1980 Prentice-Hall Treatment of control conditions, quantities, sensors, and their effective use in practical applications.
Handbook of Microprocessors, Microcomputers, and Minicomputers John D. Lenk 1979 Prentice-Hall An introduction to today's many and varied microprocessor based devices.
Handbook of Walkthroughs, Inspections, and Technical Reviews Daniel P. Freedman, Gerald M. Weinberg 1982 Little, Brown Evaluating programs, projects, and products. How to perform a quality internal review.
Help! - Microsoft Access Miriam Liskin 1993 Ziff-Davis Press Database design, entering and editing data, defining data-entry forms and reports, data calculations. [DISK]
How to be a Successful Computer Consultant - Updated Alan R. Simon 1994 McGraw-Hill The best-selling introduction to computer consulting - now updated to tackle the toughest job market ever.
IC Op-Amp Cookbook Walter G. Jung 1978 SAMS Basic IC theory and over 250 practical circuit applications.
Improving Software Quality - An Insider's Guide to TQM Lowell Jay Arthur 1993 Wiley Applying Total Quality Management to software development and evolution.
Inside 3D Studio - Release 3 Steven Elliot, Phillip Miller, Gregory Pyros 1994 New Riders Publishing Comprehensive reference o Autodesk's 3D-Studio Version 3. [CD-ROM]
Inside OLE 2 Craig Brockschmidt 1994 Microsoft Press The fast track to building powerful object-oriented applications with Windows objects. [DISK]
Inside OS/2 2 - Special Edition Lee Reiswig 1992 New Riders Publishing Reference for IBM's OS/2 Verson 2. Technical issues, installation, memory management, compatibility.
Inside Visual C++ - Version 1.5 David J. Kruglinski 1994 Microsoft Press New Windows programming with MFC 2.5, ClassWizard, App Studio, AppWizard, OLE automation, and ODBC. [CD-ROM]
Inside the IBM PC Peter Norton 1986 Brady Access to advanced features and programming - revised and enlarged - includes the PC, AT, XT and DOS 1.1 to 3.
Internet Starter Kit for Windows Adam C. Engst, Corwin S. Low, Michael A. Simon 1994 Hayden Books The complete Internet reference - terminals, e-mail, usenet, real-time games and conferencing. [DISK]
Introduction to Algorithms Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest 1992 MIT Press An introduction to generating algorithms - described in pseudocode, with examples, figures and excercises.
Introduction to Data Structures Bhagat Singh, Thomas L. Naps 1985 West Covers linked lists, character manipulation, queues and stacks, tree structures, sorting, searching, graphs.
LINUX - Configuration and Installation Patrick Volkerding, Kevin Reichard, Eric F. Johnson 1995 MIS Press LINUX - A fully functional UNIX clone for the PC. Configuration tips and installation pointers. [CD-ROM]
Learn to Program in C Thomas Plum 1983 Plum Hall An introduction to the C programming language which describes programs that are both efficient and portable.
MC68020 32-Bit Microprocessor User's Manual Motorola 1985 Prentice-Hall The complete technical information for design engineers and computer software architecs on the MC68020 chip.
MS-DOS Quick Reference Lloyd J. Short 1988 QUE MS-DOS reference guide to all commands and functions.
Managing Projects with MAKE Andrew Oram, Steve Talbott 1991 O'Reilly & Associates Covers shell variables, internal macros, libraries, recursive make.
Mastering CorelDRAW 4 Rick Altman 1994 SYBEX CorelDRAW Version 4.0 Reference - commands, concepts, features, utilities, object/text manipulation. [CD-ROM]
Mastering Paradox for Windows - Special Edition Alan Simpson 1993 SYBEX Comprehensive guide to Paradox - tips notes, cautions, and secrets.
Mastering Windows Programming with Borland C++ 4 Tom Swan 1994 SAMS Covers OWL 2.0, Ins and outs of Windows graphics, develop applications with DLLs and data sharing. [DISK]
Micro-Analysis of Computer System Performance Boris Beizer 1978 Van Nostran Reinhold Computer structure, resources and application, statistical analysis of processing time and other resources.
Microcomputer Interfacing Bruce A. Artwick 1980 Prentice-Hall The information needed to assemble an efficient microcomputer system for specific applications.
Microcomputer Primer Mitchell Waite, Michael Pardee 1976 SAMS An introduction to the basic components of the microcomputer: CPU, memory, I/O, and logic design.
Microprocessor/Microprogamming Handbook Brice Ward 1975 TAB Books Introduction to microprocessors, asic computer operations, memory systems, inside the microprocessor.
Microprogrammed Control and Reliable Design of Small Computers George D. Kraft, Wing N. Toy 1981 Prentice-Hall The key concepts of modern microprogramming with the highly reliable Bell system 3ACC.
Microsoft Flight Simulator - As Real as it Gets Dick Dargahi 1994 Prima Publishing The official strategy guide for Microsoft Flight Simulator Version 5.
Microsoft MS-DOS Programmer's Reference - Version 5 Microsoft Corporation 1991 Microsoft Press The file system, register contents, device drivers, interrupts, functions, data structures.
Microsoft Visual C++ - Run-Time Library Reference Microsoft Corporation 1995 Microsoft Press A complete description of all the functions and parameters in the Microsoft Visual C++ Run-Time/ iostream libs
Microsoft Visual C++ - Language Reference Microsoft Corporation 1995 Microsoft Press The C, C++, and preprocessor reference for the Microsoft Visual C++ development system.
Microsoft Visual C++ - Microsoft Foundation Class Library Reference Microsoft Corporation 1995 Microsoft Press Complete description of all the functions and parameters in Microsoft Foundation Class Library Ver.4 [1/2]
Microsoft Visual C++ - Microsoft Foundation Class Library Reference Microsoft Corporation 1995 Microsoft Press A complete description of all the functions and parameters in Microsoft Foundation Class Library Ver.4 [2/2]
Microsoft Visual C++ - Programming with MFC Microsoft Corporation 1995 Microsoft Press A comprehensive guide to programming using Microsoft Foundation Class Library Ver.4, Win32 & OLE controls.
Microsoft Visual C++ - User's Guide Microsoft Corporation 1995 Microsoft Press A complete guide to using the Microsoft Visual C++ integrated development environment and command-line tools.
Microsoft Win32 Application Programming Interface - Reference A-G Microsoft Corporation 1991 Microsoft Press 32-Bit Programming with Microsoft Win32 API. Pre-Release
Microsoft Win32 Programer's Reference- Functions A-G Microsoft Corporation 1993 Microsoft Press Microsoft Win32 Application Programming Interface (API).
Microsoft Win32 Programmer's Reference Microsoft Corporation 1993 Microsoft Press Microsoft Win32 System Services, Multimedia Extensions, and Application Notes.
Microsoft Win32 Programmer's Reference Microsoft Corporation 1993 Microsoft Press Microsoft Win32 Window Management and Graphics Device Interface.
Microsoft Win32 Programmer's Reference Microsoft Corporation 1993 Microsoft Press Microsoft Win32 - Messages, Structures, and Macros. (API)
Microsoft Win32 Programmer's Reference - Functions H-Z Microsoft Corporation 1993 Microsoft Press Microsoft Win32 Application Programming Interface (API)
MicrosoftWin32 Application Programming Interface - Reference H-Z Micrsoft Corporation 1991 Microsoft Press Microsoft Win32 - DDE Transaction Type, Messages, Notifications, Structures, Types and Macros.
Modern Structured Analysis Edward Yourdon 1989 Yourdon Press Includes state-transition diagrams as a modeling tool, modeling physical systems, case studies.
Netscape Navigator 2.0 Book Phil James 1996 Netscape Press A guide th Netscape Internet World Wide Web WWW browser. Covers Version 2.0 [CD-ROM]
Novell Netware Power Tools Mike Edelhart 1991 Bantam Computer Books Covers Netware 286 2.2 through 386 3.11 - Running applications, troubleshooting, and configuration. [DISK]
Object Oriented Programming with Turbo C++ eith Weiskamp, Loren Heiny, Bryan Flamig 1991 Wiley OOP techniques, message passing, inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, building OOP tools, OO designing.
Object-Oriented Analysis Peter Coad and Edward Yourdon 1990 Prentice-Hall Effectve development in object-oriented analysis.
Object-Oriented Programming Peter Coad, Jill Nicola 1993 Yourdon Press C++ and Smalltalk OOP programming, templates, learning to "object think", OOP principles. [DISK]
Object-Oriented Requirements Analysis and Logical Design - A Software Engineering Approach Donald G. Firesmith 1993 Wiley Presents fundamental concepts of object-oriented requirements and language-independent design.
Object-Oriented Software Construction Bertrand Meyer 1988 Prentice-Hall An in-depth presentation of the methods and techniques of object-oriented design.
Object-Oriented Technology for Resl-Time Systems Maher Awad, Juha Kuusefa, Jurgen Ziegler 1996 Prentice Hall Uses the OCTOPUS method for developing real-time embedded systems.
Operating System Design - The XINU Approach Douglas Comer 1984 Prentice-Hall Major operating system components, process-based systems, memory management, process coordination.
Operating Systems - The Systems Programming Series H. Lorin, H.M. Deitel 1981 Addison-Wesley Functions, types, structural issues, kernel, run-time environment, resources.
Oscilliscopes - Functional Operation and Measuring Examples Rien van Erk 1978 Mc-Graw-Hill Basic operations, additional features, measuring, probes, variants.
PC Programmer's Bible Peter Norton 1993 Microsoft Press Detailed reference of Intel-based microcomputer.
PC Programmer's Guide to Low-Level Functions and Interrupts Marcus Johnson 1994 SAMS Create applications addressing the timer, keyboard, hardware, and serial I/O interrupts. [DISK]
PDP-11 Assembler Language Programming and Machine Organizations Michael Singer 1980 Wiley Covering DEC's PDP-11 machine instructions, and programming.
Paradox 3.5 Made Easy Edward Jones 1990 McGraw-Hill Covers Paradox Versions 3.0 and 3.5 - hands-on methods, hot-links, macros, tips on the SQL link, and PAL.
Pascal - An Introduction to Methodical Programming W. Findlay, D.A. Watt 1978 Computer Science Press An introductory practice of the Pascal language and good programming techniques.
Pitfalls of Object-Oriented Development Bruce F. Webster 1995 M&T Books Detection and prevention of OOD development snares, symptoms
Portable C Henry Rabinowitz, Chaim Schaap 1990 Prentice-Hall How to write C programs that work across a wide variety of hardware and software platforms.
Programmer's Guide to Netware - A Complete Guide to Novell's Client APIs Charles G. Rose 1990 McGraw-Hill Covered APIs: locking, the bindery, AFP, IPX/SPX mechanism, VAPs, accounting. [DISK]
Programmer's Problem Solver - for the IBM PC, XT & AT Robert Jourdain 1986 Brady How to manipulate every aspect of your system's hardware at three levels: BASIC, PC-DOS, and ASSEMBLY.
Programming Windows 3.1 - The Authorized Edition Charles Petzold 1992 Microsoft Press Programming in Windows 3.1. Compatible with C/C++, Win protected mode, TrueType font technology. [DISK]
Programming in Asembly Language: MACRO-11 Edward F. Sowell 1984 Addison-Wesley Assembly and machine language programming for the PDP-11.
Programming in Windows 3.1 Tim Farrell, Runnoe Cnnally 1992 QUE Step-by-step development of Windows 3.1 software applications. [DISK]
Programming on Purpose P. J. Plauger 1993 Prentice-Hall Essays on software people.
Programming on Purpose - Essays on Software People P.J. Plauger 1993 Simon & Schuster Essays on the human side of the computer software business. Dealing with customers, employees, capitalists.
Programming with Pascal John Konvalina, Stanley Wileman 1987 McGraw-Hill Pascal - testing methodologies, program correctness, array parameters, efficiency.
Quatro Pro 3 Made Easy Lisa Biow 1991 Mc-Graw-Hill A step-by-step guide covering through version 3. Includes a pull-out command reference.
Quick C for Windows Steven Holzner and The Peter Norton Programming Group 1992 Simon & Schuster Tipe on Windows programming tecniques, file handling, debugging, menus, etc. [DISK]
RS-232 Made Easy - Connecting Computers, Printers, Terminals, and Modems Martin D. Seyer 1991 Prentice-Hall RS-232 interface leads functions, pin assignments, connections, port genders, data switches, buffers, modems.
Real Time Programming - Neglected Topics Caxton C. Foster 1981 Addison-Wesley Covers interrupts, I/O ports, digital filters, servomechanisms, and communication over limited pathways.
Real-Time Software Robert L. Glass 1983 Prentice-Hall Real-time software, applications, ethodologies, tools, and executives.
Reliable Data Structures in C Thomas Plum 1985 Plum Hall Pointers, structures, and files of the C programming language. Data properties and techniques.
Security Electronics John E. Cunningham 1972 SAMS The principles of operation of various electronic devices and ystems used in providing security.
Serial Communications in C and C++ Mark Goodwin 1992 MIS Press The essentials of serial programming. Telecommunications functions, and high-speed modem addressing. [DISK]
Simple Program Design - A Step By Step Approach Lesley Anne Robertson 1991 Boyd & Fraser An easy-to-read introduction textbook on program design and structured programming techniques.
Software Engineering Roger S. Pressman 1987 McGraw-Hill In-depth, up to date treatment of each step in every phase of the software engineering process.
Software Implimentation Techniques: VMS, UNIX, OS/2, and MS-DOS Donald E. Merusi 1992 Digital Press Helps understand the capabilities needed to design applications that run on these systems as well as porting.
Software Portability - An Advanced Course P.J. Brown 1977 Cambridge Writing programs and structuring data in ways to minimise the prolems of platform transfer.
Software Psychology - Human Factors in Computers and Information Systems Ben Shneiderman 1980 Winthrop Psychology, research methods, programming style, database systems and data models.
Software Testing - A Craftman's Approach Paul C. Jorgensen 1995 CRC Press The mastery of software and systems testing.
Software Verification and Validation - Realistic Project Approaches Randall W. Jensen 1982 Prentice-Hall Concepts, testing methodologies, automated verification, validation, future trends.
Sorting and Searching - The Art of Computer Programming Donald E. Knuth 1973 Addison-Wesley Generating good algorithms, increasing the efficiency of algorithmsmathematically, external data storage.
Source File Management with SCCS Israel Silverberg 1992 Prentice-Hall Using SCCS to manage source files, implementing th source code for the SVID interface.
Strategies for Real-Time System Specification Derek J. Hatley, Imtiaz A. Pirbhai 1988 Dorset House A guide for the system developer - for large software-based systems, with real-time applications.
Structured Analysis and System Specification Tom De Marco 1979 Yourdon Books Structured specification - graphic, partitioned, top-down, concise, iterative, maintainable, paper modeling.
Structured Analysis and System Specification Tom De Marco 1978 Yourdon Books Structured specification - graphic, partitioned, top-down, concise, iterative, maintainable, paper modeling.
Structured System Programming Jim Welsh, Michael McKeag 1980 Prentice-Hall Program structuring, data structuring, block structuring, analysis, structured operating system.
Syntax of Programming Languages - Theory and Practice Ronald C. Backhouse 1979 Prentice-Hall Fundamentals, LR/LL parsing, error repair and recovery, limitations.
The 8080a Bugbook - Microcomputer interfacing and Programming Peter R. Rony, David G. Larsen, Johnathan A. Titus 1978 SAMS Computer interfacing with the Intel 8080 -based microprocessor.
The ABC's of Paradox Charles Siegel 1989 SYBEX Covers Version 3.0 - A clear introduction to Paradox for beginners - single and multiple databases.
The Art of Assembly Language Programming - VAX-11 J.F. Peters III 1985 Reston Machine organization, representing information, building Assembly programs, control structures, stacks.
The Book of SCSI - A Guide for Avnturers Peter M. Ridge 1995 No Starch Press The basics of SCSI - SCSI ID's, LUN's, termination, parity checking, transfers, bus mastering, caching, RAID.
The C Primer Les Hancock, Morris Krieger 1982 McGraw-Hill Includes declarations, data types, argument passing functions, manipulating control structures, pointers.
The C Programming Language Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie 1978 Prentice-Hall The C programming language and its origins at Bell Laboratories with the UNIX operating system.
The Computer Consultant's Guide Janet Ruhl 1994 Wiley Real-life strategies for building a successful consulting career.
The Elements of Programming Style Kernighan and Plauger 1978 McGraw-Hill A study in several "real" programs, each exemplifying a different element of style
The Great International Math on Keys Book Texas Instruments Learning Center 1976 Texas Instruments Incorporated Basic information and formulas to "unlock" the powerof your calculator for school or business applications.
The Independent Consultants Q & A Book Lawrence W. Tuller 1992 Bob Adams, Inc. In-depth answers to all of the important issues in starting your own consulting practice.
The Microsoft Visual Basic for MS-DOS Workshop John Clark Craig 1993 Microsoft Press An introduction to event-driven programming, 50+ reusable programs and routines, advanced programming. [DISK]
The Peter Norton Programmer's Guide to the IBM PC Peter Norton 1985 Microsoft Press The ultimate reference guide to the entire family of IBM personal computers. Insights, techniques, tech data.
The Programmer's PC Source Book Thom Hogan 1991 Microsoft Press Reference tables for IBM PC's and compatibles, PS/2 systems, EISA-based systems, DOS Version 5, Windows V3.
The Standard C Library P.J. Plauger 1992 Prentice-Hall How to use all of the library functions mandated by ANSI and ISO for the programming language C.
The TTL Data Book for Design Engineers Texas Instruments Inc. 1978 Texas Instruments Inc. Technical specifications on TI's TTL series integrated circuits.
The UNIX System S.R. Bourne 1983 Addison-Wesley An introduction to the UNIX operating system. History, tools, and programing.
The Unicode Standard - Worldwide Character Encoding The Unicode Consortium 1992 Addison Wesley Information on the Unicode character encoding standard. Volume 2 covers East Asian characters.
The Unicode Standard - Worldwide Character Encoding The Unicode Consortium 1991 Addison Wesley Volume 1 covers Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew and Arabic Alphabets.
The Waite Group's Microsoft QuickBASIC Bible - Version 4.5 Mitchell Waite, Robert Arnson, Christy Gemmell, Harry Henderson 1990 Microsoft Press Microsoft QuickBASIC through Version 4.5 - descriptions, examples, syntax and tips.
The Waite Group's New C Primer Plus Mitchell Waite and Stephen Prata 1993 Sams Publishing Introduction and tutorial on C programming.
The Waite Group's Visual Basic Super Bible Bill Potter, Taylor Maxwell, Bryon Scott 1993 Waite Group Press Explains every Visual Basic keyword in a friendly, quick look-up format. Updated for VB 3 and Win 3.1. [DISK]
Theory and Problems of Feedback and Control Systems Joseph J. Di Stefano III, Ph.D., Alan R. Subberud, Ph.D, Ivan J. Williams, Ph.D. 1967 Mc-Graw-Hill Control system terminology, laplace transforms, stability, transfer functions, signal flow graphs. 680 probs.
Top-Down Structured Programming Techniques Clement L. McGowan, John R. Kelley 1975 Mason/Charter New programming methodologies, program correctness and structured programs, resouce management.
Turbo Pascal - An Introduction to the Art and Science of Programming Walter J. Savitch 1992 The Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company An introduction to programming with the Turbo Pascal language. Covers through Version 6.
UNIX Programmer's Reference John J. Valley 1991 QUE Work with Bourne, C, and Korn shells, design UNIX programs, IPC for multi-processing programs.
Understanding IC Amplifiers Roger Melen, Harry Garland 1974 SAMS The technical specifications of IC amplifiers. Design and integration.
Understanding Microsoft Access - Special Edition Alan Simpson 1993 SYBEX The basics of Access, how to use Access on a network and share data, Access BASIC, special notes.
Using 1-2-3 for DOS Release 2.3 - Special Edition Que Development Group 1991 QUE Covers Version 2.01 through 2.3 - A complete tutorial and reference material. Worksheets included.
Using Clipper W. Edward Tiley 1991 QUE Database programming tutorial - covers through Version 5.0, step-by-step instructions, complete reference.
Using LINUX - Special Edition Jack Tackett, Jr. and Davd Gunter and Lance Brown 1995 Que Corporation A complete reference of the LINUX operationg system including optimization and networking. [CD-ROM]
Using SQL James R. Groff, Paul N. Weingberg 1990 McGraw-Hill Includes coverage of Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, dBASE IV, SQL/DS, Ingres, OS/2, Informix, Sysbase, SQLBase, VAX.
VAX 11 - Structured Assembly Language Programming Robert W. Sebesta 1984 Benjamin/Cummings Covers RMS, VMS subsystems for I/O, VAX-VMS debugger, I/O MACRO instructions.
VAX-11 Assembly Language Programming Sara Baase 1983 Prentice-Hall VAX-11 assembly language, machine instructions, example program segments, addressing modes, macro definition.
VAX/VMS Internals and Data Structures Lawrence J. Kenah, Simon F. Bate 1984 Digital Press Describes the data structures maintained and manipulated by the VMS operating system.
Welcome to Multimedia Linda Tway 1992 MIS Press Building multimedia applications step-by-step, using Windows multimedia capabilities. [CD-ROM]
Windows 3 Power Tools William B. LeBlonde, Geoffrey T. LeBlonde, Jennifer L. Palonus 1991 Bantam Computer Books Tips and techniques for optimizing your Windows 3.1. PIF's, Networking, System Performance. [DISK]
Windows Programmer's Guide to Serial Communications Timothy S. Monk 1992 SAMS In-depth explanation for building serial communication programsin Windows. terminal emulation, modems. [DISK]
Windows Programming Power With Custom Controls Paul Cilwa, Jeff Duntemann 1994 Coriolis Group Books How to develop Windows programs faster and smarter using the power of visual programming techniques. [DISK]
Windows Programming Power with Custom Controls Paul Cilwa, Jeff Duntemann 1994 Coriolis Group Books Develope programs faster using VBX custom controls. Companion disk.
Writing DOS Device Drivers in C Phillip M. Adams, Clovis L. Tondo 1990 Prentice-Hall Vocabulary and tools work, developing device driver concepts, architecture and operational characteristics.
Writing Windows Applications from Start to Finish Dave Edson 1993 M&T Books Writing Windows 3.x software. Companion disks (2).
Writing Windows Applicationsfrom Start to Finish Dave Edson 1993 M&T Books Designing data structures, creating program skeletons, menus, toolbars, dialog boxes, database. [DISK]
Writing a UNIX Device Driver Janet I. Egan, Thomas J. Teixeira 1988 Wiley How to write device drivers for connecting peripherals for your UNIX system.
Zen and the Art of the Internet - A beginner's Guide Brendan P. Kehoe 1993 Prentice-Hal An introduction to the Internet includingmail, FTP, UUCP and commercial services provided.
Zen of Code Optimization Michael Abrash 1994 Coriolis Group Books Presents tips and techniques for writing optimized PC software. C/C++ and ASSEMBLY source code. [DISK]

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